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A Mechanical Story is a physics based contraption game which focuses on real time game play. Your mission is easy; help Mr Mechanic fix his newly found friend by placing the correct parts in the correct places. Simple! ...Except you have to place these missing parts in the correct order... at the right time... and without removing any parts during the level for that chance of a higher score to brag about..

Game Mechanic

So what's so different about "A Mechanical Story"? Well, to put it simply, it's a game where "mechanical contraption" meets "real time game-play". Okay that was a bit too brief, let's go into a bit more detail. If you are familiar with mechanical contraption games, we would assume that you are familiar with the game mechanics:

The entire puzzle solving process is done by the player before running the simulation. They will only know if they were successful in clearing the level after they run the simulation. No further modification can be done to the level when this happens.

Now what if we were to get rid of the simulate button and concentrate on real time game-play? For one, any parts that are placed into the game world would instantly become part of that world. You could effectively fix or break the level at the placement of a part. This would mean that you must be careful of what you put in, when you put it in and in what order you choose to do so.

To sum it up, with the element of real time interaction involved, consideration for the timing of the placement of a part or dealing with a specific obstacle before being able to progress further becomes part of the challenge of the game. This is exactly what "A Mechanical Story" is.

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